An Advanced Decentralized
Finance Ecosystem

What is Nord Finance?

Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify DeFi investing by bringing key features of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem. Designed as a block-chain agnostic platform with multi-chain interoperability, our aim is to offer users easy access to a plethora of financial products including, but not limited to, yield-farming aggregation, funds management, robo-advisory and loans against assets. Read More

Steps to earn best yields

Connect Wallet

Stake stable coin
of your choice

Watch your
money grow

Our Products

Nord Savings

Delivers the highest possible risk-adjusted returns for stable coin investments through multi-chain yield-farming. Nord Savings provides an easy-to-access gateway to the complex and dynamic world of DeFi based

Nord Advisory

Understands the user profile and their investment requirements basis their financial goals. Our robo-advisory is designed to offer customized investment solutions. Our technology chalks out customized investment strategies for the users and deploys their stable coins using our proprietary algorithm in a goal-oriented diversified portfolio.​

Nord Loans

Allows users to Leverage their Crypto investments to avail loans to meet any unforeseen expenses. By pledging their crypto investments on our smart contract users can avail an instant over-collateralized loan to meet their financial needs.

Nord Swap

Nord Finance is designed to be ethereum compatible blockchain agnostic platform a multi-network universal protocol to enable exchange and interaction of digital assets. The protocol offers multi-chain asset swaps facility to its users.

Packet full of Features

Smart Fund Management
Highest yields & risk adjusted returns for your stable coins with our basket of sophisticated DeFi investment products.

Cross-Chain Swaps & Interoperability
Cross-chain liquidity to ensure users across other chains have access to DeFi ecosystem.

Zero cost transactions
No upfront network fee for deposits & Pooled liquidity to deliver upto 99% savings on the transaction fee.


Q4 2020
Q1 2021
Q2 2021
Q3 2021

Community building

White paper

Protocol development

Protocol Audit

Nord Savings (Yield farming) launch (V1)

$NORD Listing

Nord Savings (V2)

Staking Program (SP1)

Nord Swap launch (V1)

Nord Loans launch (V1)

Staking Program (SP2)

Nord Advisory launch (V1)

(More details to follow….)


Earn $NORD Token

Nord Finance users also receive native governance tokens for contributing to the network in addition to receiving the highest APYs on staked stable coins and access to our product features such as robo advisory, swaps and loans against portfolio.
More utility details will follow.

Founding Team

Amarnath Reddy

CEO & Co-Founder

Co-Founded Amesten Asset (crypto fund).
Research analyst for early stage blockchain startups.
Sr. Engineer with 14 yrs of experience.
B.Tech EEE from NIT-Warangal & PGP Pro from UCLA.

Jignesh Vasoya

CTO & Co-Founder

Full stack developer. 
Developed financial platform on Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric.
Lead Developer at Tezos India Foundation & contributing to Tezos ecosystem.
7 yrs of experience as a Full Stack developer.
B.Tech EC from Nirma Institute of Technology.